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Lifting up our patients. Lifting up each other.

We believe that great things happen when you put talented people together and then empower them to reach beyond the ordinary. Every day is an inspiration and an opportunity to lift up our patients with the kind of care that has earned us a worldwide reputation for excellence.

As an organization with more than 300 facilities throughout the Bay Area, we are a team united by our culture of respect. Our C-I-CARE philosophy invites each employee to elevate the patient experience, because every interaction is a chance to make a positive impact in the lives of those around us. Of course, that same commitment extends to the way we work together. We prize open communication and intensive collaboration as we strive to recognize every contribution. Because that’s how true innovation happens again and again.

Future Possibilities Future Possibilities

A history of firsts.

A future full of possibilities.

From the very beginning, Stanford Health Care has been a home for passionate achievers. Across every discipline and at every level, our people have advanced medicine in ways few thought were possible. In our more than 160-year history, we have seen so many firsts. In 1956, our team treated a tumor with the Western Hemisphere’s first nuclear linear accelerator, a device that now serves as the cornerstone of cancer treatment. We performed California’s first kidney transplant in 1960, and eight years later our team performed the first successful adult human heart transplant in the United States. Decades later, we continue to work at the forefront of health care, developing new imaging capabilities in 2008 to illuminate tumors in vivo with the precision of one-trillionth of a meter, and in 2010, discovering how to use a healthy person’s genome sequence to predict disease risk.

Of course, we believe these achievements are only the beginning. We will continue in our relentless pursuit of excellence, creating life-changing advancements for people all over the world. You’re invited to share in the legacy, and join us for the inspiring road ahead of us.