Photo provided by: Stanford Medical History Center

Our Future


The future of medicine is right here.

Stanford Health Care continues to provide exceptional careers amidst a setting that is always changing, moving forward and re-evaluating the services we provide patients. Some of the world’s most advanced health care is happening right here, right now, proving that our pioneering spirit is as alive today as it’s always been.

Continuing to advance medicine

There is no better place than Stanford Hospital & Clinics to become an integral contributor to a new era of medicine, where once unimaginable treatments and cures are now within reach:

  • Stanford researchers are now uncovering the genetic mechanisms behind many cardiac diseases, and our physicians and bioengineers are currently creating groundbreaking computerized analysis of the heart’s most complex functions.
  • Rapid innovations in diagnosis and treatment of brain disorders are occurring as the result of collaborative efforts between Stanford scientists and researchers. We continue to pioneer procedures to treat stroke victims that are quickly becoming new standards in medicine.
  • Big strides in cancer detection and treatment at the Hospital are giving an unprecedented number of people a new lease on life, and have prompted us to open our first Survivorship Clinic.


project:renewal is a multi-faceted initiative to modernize, expand, and enhance the facilities to keep pace with our community’s evolving needs.

Through project:renewal, the Hospital will build on its legacy of award-winning health care, and continue to develop the programs and services that have made us a world-renowned leader in medicine, science, education, and research. Our renovation and modernization plans include:

  • More Individual Rooms: We’re building additional single-patient rooms to reduce infection rates, increase privacy, and allow more space for patients and visitors.
  • New Operating Rooms: 800-square-foot operating rooms are being added to incorporate new technology and innovations as they are introduced to the medical community.
  • Healing Environment: New facilities will include a light-filled lobby atrium and welcoming public spaces, and modern modular pavilions will offer extensive views from the foothills to the Bay.
  • A New Emergency Department: Our new ER will offer three times more space to serve all facilities.

Additional construction will provide accommodations for diverse health care specialties and outpatient services:

  • More open spaces, including a lawn and Redwood Grove
  • The Stanford Health Library
  • A new Café in Pavilion area
  • A new parking structure

Stanford Health Care has the resources, and the expertise, to create better futures for our patients and each other.

For more information about Stanford University Medical Center’s project:renewal, we invite you to visit