Photo provided by: Stanford Medical History Center

Our Culture


Elevating your career and patient experiences.

At Stanford Health Care, your career is supported within a distinctive hospital culture. This environment compliments the pioneering, collaborative atmosphere that has earned us our worldwide reputation for excellence.

A culture of respect.

Respect is the foundation of our culture at Stanford Health Care. We extend it to all who pass through our doors. Here, open communication is encouraged, personal contributions are recognized and individual differences are embraced. Time and again, we’ve seen the difference an attitude of respect towards each other can make to our patients and colleagues.

C-I-CARE: Elevating patient experience.

One of the most unique aspects of our culture is C-I-CARE. C-I-CARE is more than a list of actions; it’s a way of life meant to elevate our patient experiences. From the tone an employee takes when answering a telephone to daily scheduled employee huddles to resolve any issues or concerns, C-I-CARE is the engine that drives our culture and our patient interactions.

C-I-CARE instructs us to:

  • Connect with people by calling them by their proper name, or the name they prefer (Mr., Ms., Dr.)
  • Introduce yourself and your role
  • Communicate what you are going to do, how long it will take, and the impact to the patient
  • Ask permission before entering a room, examining a patient, or undertaking an activity
  • Respond to a patient’s questions or requests promptly; anticipate patient needs
  • Exit courteously with an explanation of what will come next

Our expectations of each other.

It all comes down to how we treat each other. No matter where you work, your hospital culture is only as strong as those who work to sustain it.  

In our personal and professional pursuits, the people of Stanford Health Care deliver unparalleled quality – in our work, our interactions and our communications. By expecting the following from ourselves and others, we ensure we’re providing care, service, and a culture worthy of your career and of the Stanford name:

  • Respect – Consideration and appreciation of everyone
  • Honesty – Truthfulness and sincerity in everything we do
  • Compassion – Kindness and caring for everyone
  • Teamwork – Working together with the spirit of cooperation, active participation and individual initiative
  • Excellence – Commitment to doing our best at all times

The people we care for arrive here expecting world-class care, and that’s what we deliver. Whether through our daily interactions with one another, or through C-I-CARE, our culture is one that both complements and reinforces our values. It helps improve our hospital, and it can help enrich your career and set the stage for your future success.