Photo provided by: Stanford Medical History Center



Your achievements are rewarded and recognized here.

We believe that achievement deserves recognition. Stanford Health Care’s employees work tirelessly to improve the lives of our patients, and members of our team are acknowledged, rewarded and celebrated for their unique contributions to our organization.

In addition to an exceptional array of benefits you’ll enjoy as an employee of the Hospital, we show our appreciation for your dedication and achievements in the following ways:

  • Praise – A simple, sincere “thank you” can go a long way, and this belief reflects the central themes in the Hospital’s C-I-CARE philosophy. When a co-worker or supervisor does something praise-worthy, we make it a point to thank that person – face-to-face, over the phone or in writing. Employees can also include special “kudos” as agenda items at staff meetings.
  • Thank You and Rewards Cards – These cards are two tangible examples of C-I-CARE in action. The Hospital furnishes our patients, staff members, and managers with thank you cards that they can use to acknowledge exceptional service by staff, physicians, and volunteers. Rewards cards have a value of up to $5 and are redeemable at many locations on our campus. These cards can be given with a thank you card when a manager identifies actions above or beyond expectations.
  • Employee of the Month – At the beginning of each month, we recognize a team member who has made a special contribution to the Hospital community.
  • Employee of the Year – Every year, we recognize a team member whose contributions over the past 12 months truly exemplify the Hospital’s mission and vision.
  • Special Recognition Events – During Hospital Week and throughout the year, we plan special events to recognize and honor our dedicated staff members.
  • Recognition for Longevity – Team members receive special recognition at five-year milestones for their valuable and continuing service.
  • Service Spotlight Awards – When a member of the Hospital family goes the extra mile to provide excellent patient care and customer service, we recognize that person with a Service Spotlight Award.
  • Quality Awards – The Quality Award is presented to individuals, departments, and programs that make meaningful contributions to improvements in efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Seasonal Events – We plan special events in November and December to celebrate the holiday season, such as our employee awards dinners.

No great effort should go unnoticed. We make it our business to recognize your contributions. After all, you're the one setting the standard that we're known for.